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Seneca Investment Managers Coronavirus Update

Seneca Investment Managers Coronavirus Update

Seneca Investment Managers is closely following the developments of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and is taking pro-active measures to secure our operations and protect the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners.

All measures we implement are in line with Government, NHS and HSE guidance.


Our Offices

Our offices closed at the onset of lockdown in March 2020, since which time all employees have been working remotely from their own home.

Changes implemented in 2019 to the provision and management of our IT infrastructure, combined with robust business continuity planning, resulted in a smooth transition to home working. Our business continues to operate in full and there has been no change to our trading, compliance and administrative abilities.

To enable the reopening of our offices we have implemented the Government “COVID Secure” guidance. Following the August update, when the decision over home or office working was put back to employers, we are undertaking a partial reopening of our offices as of 1st September 2020. During this time we are not accepting visitors unless strictly necessary, and have limited the number of employees permitted onsite at any one time.

Risk assessments have been completed for the office as a whole, the building in which we are based, and individually for all employees. Any visitors will receive guidance on the changes we have implemented prior to attending, and a copy of our office risk assessment will be made available.


Our Employees

The support of our employees’ physical and mental wellbeing is been at the forefront of our response to home working and return to the office. This has been enthusiastically managed by Senior Management, Human Resources and our Office Manager.

We already provide all employees with personal HR support, access to physical and mental health services, regular 1-1s with their own manager and feedback sessions to and from the whole company.

These are now supplemented with virtual social engagements, employee health and wellbeing surveys, feedback sessions, sharing of best practice, engagement in the return-to-office process, and individual care calls. We continue to add to these and tailor them to our employees’ needs.

In doing so we offer as full a suite of support as possible, and employees are actively encouraged to engage with those services which are most beneficial to them. Our intent is to maintain our company’s culture and values despite our current separation.


Our Plans 

The way our business operates allows us to offer a mix of home and office working for our employees while the current circumstances persist. All employees are therefore able to make the decision as to where they work based on their personal circumstances and needs.

This will continue for the foreseeable future, subject to changes in Government guidance and the public health situation. We do not anticipate this having an impact on our customers, suppliers and partners. They can continue to contact us as normal and will receive the same service.

Any changes which may affect our customers, suppliers and partners will be communicated to them directly.


Contacting Seneca

Please call 0151 906 2450 or email if you wish to speak with us.

All of our systems have been diverted to individuals working from home and you will be automatically connected. Depending on who you wish to speak to, a message may be taken or further contact information provided.

A number of our colleagues are contactable direct. Their information can be found on our Who We Are page.

If you are looking to carry out any transactions in the above funds, please contact the Authorised Corporate Director:

Valu-Trac Administration Services,
Moray IV32 7QE.

Tel: 01343 880344
Fax: 01343 880267


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