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Multi-Asset Value Investing

Seneca Investment Managers is a fund management company specialising in multi-asset investing. This form of investing combines traditional securities, such as equities and bonds, with non-traditional approaches, such as specialist investments* to deliver specific outcomes.

Our investment approach differs in that we make decisions using a value investing ethos. We believe this approach makes it easier to achieve investor objectives and offers the prospect of superior long term returns and avoidance of permanent loss of capital.

The bible of value investing is Security Analysis, written by Benjamin Graham and David Dodd and published in 1934. They set out a framework for assessing the intrinsic value of stocks, then proposed that investors should only buy stocks below their intrinsic value.

At Seneca we use these principles to assess different asset classes, select stocks and when picking third party funds, to choose managers who employ value investing techniques. Our value investing approach means that our funds are actively managed and different, both from common benchmarks and from the competition.

Successful active management involves finding patterns in financial assets and taking advantage of them. Performing well for our investors is about finding value in multi-asset investing and making better decisions than other investors.

*Property, private equity, specialist financial and infrastructure.